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Napali Day Trip

The Experience


This 17-mile paddle traverses the spectacular northwest coast of Kauai. This journey is only accessible by water or air, with kayaking being the most magical way to experience Kauai’s mystical, visual feast. The coastline is splayed with razor carved cliffs, deep valleys, and waterfalls – all in collection of tropical greens and blues. We’ll paddle at the base of 4000-foot cliffs, explore legendary sea caves, mosey past (or through) cascading waterfalls, and see the majestic Kalalau and Honopu valleys.

Our guides not only have a wealth of paddling experience, but they will share their vast knowledge of Hawaiian history, flora, fauna, and sea life. If the conditions are right, you may even get a dose of their free, unsolicited advice.

You do not need to be a seasoned athlete to enjoy this trip, but we recommend being in good physical condition.

The Day

Your day starts with a 6am check-in at our Hanalei headquarters. From there, you will be shuttled 15 minutes to our launch location, Haena Beach Park. Our team (that includes you) will unload gear and kayaks and organize them on the water’s edge. Lastly, our guides will provide a paddle and safety orientation. Then we launch!

Being in a kayak in open water may be a new experience. We know it can be intimidating. Relax. Breath. Take it easy on yourself and your partner and give it a few moments to find your rhythm. Listen to your guides. We’ve got you!

The first part of the paddle is four to five hours on the water. We will take breaks every 20 – 30 minutes (on the water) to let you rest your paddles, eat a snack, look at the breathtaking scenery, snap a few photos, and remind your partner how much you appreciate him or her. You may see a sea turtle, an endangered Hawaiian monk seal or a pod of spinner dolphins.

After the first leg, we’ll land at Milolii. Here you can explore this state park that is only accessible by water, enjoy a catered lunch, beach comb, or take a nap. You can even use a toilet. We’ll spend at least an hour on land before launching for the final part of the journey. Having already completed most of the journey, the second half is a quick jaunt to Polihale beach. Here you’ll be guided into a safe landing one kayak at a time. This can be the most memorable part of the trip! The team started together and will end together with high-fives and a dip in the ocean for those who aren’t salty enough. Then the team will rally to get the gear and kayaks up the beach and to the shuttle. There are showers and bathrooms to freshen up before you enjoy the company of the crew on the shuttle ride home. We generally return to Hanalei headquarters between 6:30 – 7:30pm.

Before we part and say our alohas, make sure to check out our sweet logo wear. It is also customary but not mandatory to tip your guides. If you feel they did a good job you are welcome to say thanks the old fashioned way. Thanks for paddling with Na Pali Kayak. You are now our new friend.

What we provide:

Good clean fun! Also, we provide you with a fully outfitted tandem kayak, dry bags, life vests and other necessary gear. You’ll also get an education on kayaking, oceana, Hawaiian history, geology, & local sea life. Plus, you’ll get an award winning catered lunch, cold refreshments, and moreover, our famous free advice.

What you provide:

For starters, a great attitude! 3 liters water per person, sun protection, a hat, shades, sun screen, h20 proof camera, sea sickness medication (aka: cheap insurance) and a dry change of clothes. There is a print out of what to bring and what you need to know on the FAQ page.

We offer this amazing experience 7 days a week From April To October and we would love to speak with you in person to answer any questions you may have.


$240/person + state parks use fee and sales tax. It is well worth it.

Customer Reviews

  • Kauai was our chosen honeymoon destination and since my husband and I are both adventurers we decided to spend one of our days kayaking Napali. Oh my! It was the BEST! Such beautiful vistas, some intense moments paddling into caves (so worth it!!!), and the perfect amount of physical challenge. I'm someone who gets a little nervous with deep oceans and waves, etc., but there was something really refreshing being out on the open ocean and seeing the coast by our own muscle power. The speed boats cruise by, but they don't get to stop and enjoy the vistas the way we do... all day! It really couldn't have been more perfect. Adrien and Jamie were AWESOME guides, knowledgeable and fun. the sandwiches were tasty too. I would for sure do this again... and fully recommend to anyone who has the right attitude to enjoy a day on the water. It is long... but it somehow goes by very quickly. Keep in mind, long sleeves are a good idea, and maybe even long pants, since you only stop on land one time, which makes well intentioned reapplication of sunblock a bit difficult. :) This is for sure one of the coolest trips I have ever taken!

    Kate N., Utah
  • My husband and I are 36 and did this trip with another couple. We are all moderately in shape and work out 4-6 times per week doing cardio and strength training. We were all VERY nervous about the physical aspect of this trip along with the motion sickness aspect ( 2 members in our group are very prone to motion sickness) that we almost didn't sign up. Well thank goodness we did. We all had an amazing time and nobody got sick ( we all used the patch):) Our kayak trip included exploring a cave, seeing sea turtles and dolphins right in front of us, exploring a remote beach, and viewing the sights of the Napali coastline. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I would recommend it to everyone thinking about it. It was not as scary and physical as we had thought and all the worry was for nothing. Sooo fun and we weren't even sore!

    Allison L., Michigan
  • If you have decided to do this incredible journey, then this outfit is great. The guides and this outfit are laidback. Do not do this trip if you have a negative attitude or are absolutely out of shape. If so, you will not enjoy it. Also, if this is your first time seeing the Napali Coastline, save this Kayak trip for another time, since at times you will be so tired, or so concentrating on paddling you may miss a bit of the scenery. If you have seen the coast before and want another great perspective then go ahead. I am glad I did it, but not sure I would do it again, next time I will let a boat do the work.. No regrets though!

    Jeremy R., California
  • Fantastic trip along the Na Pali coast! Beats hiking and of course motorized ways of "enjoyment" any day, and you get to see parts of the coast that are only accessible by boat. Our guides, Nick and Casey, were awesome and shepherded the fleet with knowledge, humor and skill the whole day. The equipment is top notch and the staff incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. A trip to remember - do it!

    George P., California